Tips for Selecting The Best Caterer

April 14, 2021

Some would argue, selecting the perfect caterer is the most important part of your wedding or special event.  With so many incredible Austin Caterers, how do you know how to pick the best event or wedding caterer?  After many years of delicious discovery, we’ve cooked up 6 things to consider when selecting a caterer.





While many caterers have great food, it is important to find a company that can match the style of your event and desired service style. Everything from the presentation to staff uniforms will play a role in your event’s overall aesthetic. If your event has a theme, consider selecting a caterer who specializes in a coordinating cuisine. Additionally, take your service style into consideration, whether you are looking for a plated meal, stations or family-style dinner, you will want to select a caterer who can execute with experience, high-quality equipment and impressive presentation.

“Design and style are important in everything we do. Our food not only needs to taste delicious but look delicious, too. While keeping every sense in mind, we aim to deliver an unforgettable experience again and again” – Whim Hospitality CEO, Kim Hanks 



Local love is always best. When possible, search for a caterer who is close to your venue and has a convenient location to visit. If your caterer is local, they have better odds of an established relationship with other local vendors and the freshest ingredients. Additionally, it will be easier for you to visit when it’s time for tastings and consultations.



Depending on the size and caliber of your event, you will need a catering team who can deliver on your expectations. Do you have a large guest count or specialized service requests? Make sure your caterer has the experience to do so. Your event is just as unique as you are. Look for a caterer who can build custom menus to accommodate taste and religious, cultural or dietary considerations.

“Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to produce events ranging from Hollywood’s largest events to local, intimate experiential dining. I have been able to bring that skillset to create diverse menus and extensive training for my team which ensures an exciting and flawless event.” – Director of Food and Beverage, Chef Jesse Genovese



Obviously, your tasting will give you the chance to well, taste, your caterers menus. However, your tasting can provide more insight than just deciding if they are delicious or not. Take note of the tone of your tasting, presentation and overall experience. Your event will likely follow suit.



In most cases, your catering team will be serving at your event and interacting closely with your guests. That means these are the vendors who have the potential to create a really great or terrible experience for your event attendees. Select a caterer that prioritizes exceptional customer service and professional presentation. You will also want to take note of communication ease and speed upon your first inquiry. With a lot of moving pieces, it will be crucial to work with a caterer who is responsive and knowledgeable.

“From the initial inquiry, we prioritize understanding the client and all of the aspects that make their event unique. A food & beverage experience should be a reflection of each client’s individual personalities. It is a joy to make that come to life” Julie Stanfield, Whim Catering Sales Manager



Do your research before inquiring. Check out your potential caterer’s (and other vendors they work with) social media. Look for examples of past events to get an idea of what they look like in action. Check out those reviews, too. There is no better way to get an honest opinion than from a past client.



Ready to select your dream caterer? Look no further. The Whim Hospitality culinary and catering sales team has perfected all of the above and is ready to help you create a deliciously-tailored experience for your wedding or event.  


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