Whit Hanks

Co-Founder & CFO

A consummate businessman, entrepreneur, husband, father, and true Austin native, Whit’s family history is rooted in the city and state of Texas. A former real estate developer and antique dealer, Whit had fun importing a church from Vietnam on a lark, decided to set it up on his parents’ weekend place in Dripping Springs, met Kim and the rest is history.

Whit works for fun, generally about 60 hours a week! He enjoys tennis, hiking, photography, and spending a lot of time with his wife. They love to travel to places they have never been, often gathering inspiration and goods to enhance the company’s offerings. Together the couple has 5 children and four dogs.

While Whit has had a long, colorful career, it is this phase of his life in the hospitality industry where he is able to positively impact the lives of so many people — employees and guests–in a positive way, helping make their dreams come true. He’s really enjoying this chapter of his life.