Rentals Warehouse

March 22, 2018

We are continuing our “We Are Whim” series with a look at the muscles of our operation that really make the magic happen, our rentals warehouse team. By now you probably have experienced the beauty of a perfectly executed Whim event, but what most don’t get a chance to see it the behind the scenes work that makes it all happen. Our rentals department is composed of many intricate pieces and players that work together to ensure a seamless event for every client. By implementing the best in training, technology, and service, we have been able to grow at an exponential rate while maintaining the “Whim Worthy” quality our clients have grown to expect.

We want to give you a peek behind the curtain, by sharing.

5 things you might not know about our warehouse and rental division.

1) We’re Growing Like Crazy
Looks can be deceiving, and from the outside you would never believe the buzzing operation that is always in full-swing at our Dripping Springs warehouse. We have recently added 8,000 square feet to our space to allow for more efficient loading docks and more storage for our continuously growing inventory. In true Whim Style, we have wasted no time filling up the space with exciting new products and equipment.

2) We Know Cleaning
In busy season, we can wash up to 3,000 pounds of linens every month, making us the largest free-standing launder in the area! We have recently purchased yet another washer to accommodate our high volume of linen rentals. The cleaning needs certainly don’t end with linens, with 35,000- 45,000 pieces of washware going out each week, it is no surprise we have a whole department dedicated to really making those dishes sparkle.

3) Linens, Tables, Chairs, Oh My!
There are many things that differentiate us from other rental companies, one of which being our extensive inventory of unique and high-quality products. We are the exclusive provider in the area for many highly desired products such as the Chameleon Chair and Sperry Tents. We take pride in the condition of our inventory, from routine quality checks to additional protection during storing and transportation, we never cut corners when it comes to ensuring that we are consistently delivering the best.

4) We’re Always On The Move!
Our iconic purple trucks and vans are a staple of our company and cruising through town regularly. The first purple truck hit the scene in 2013 and we have been consistently adding new vehicles ever since. We currently have 10 trucks in our fleet including our newest member, this 24’ beauty and multiple others on the way that will be out for deliveries later this Spring! We will deliver near or far and love getting to spread the #WhimJoy out on the roads.

5) We are Whim
Despite our vast array of products and offerings, it is our people who truly make Whim Hospitality the successful company that it is. Beginning with recruiting and training, our rentals department has implemented an innovative training program to continually educate our employees on the skills and level of service that we expect every day. From greeting you with a smiling face or going the extra mile to accommodate special requests, we pride ourselves on executing a higher level of service at each and every step of your Whim experience.

Thank you for joining us, get your appetite ready as we cook up some fun and highlight the tasty side of Whim, our catering department next month.