National Pi Day- Coconut Crème Pie Cocktail

March 14, 2018

Just Imagine, the sky is painted with golds, reds, and blues, with a whisper of stars starting to peek out of the slowly progressing darkness. You are watching in awe of the beauty before you and are enjoying another amaz….”SHATTER”, with having another amaz….”SCREAMING”, WITH HAVING ANOTHER AMAZ….”CRASH”! You snap back to reality, and realize it is that magically horrendous hour between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. where your children have turned into Gremlins. Oh no, not those cute, cuddly, sweet little gremlins from the beginning of the movie. No, they are the epitome of those savage gremlins that that ill-informed boy fed after midnight. There is an all-out WWE cage match happening in your meticulously decorated living room. The house you spent all day cleaning, now looks like it was used for a “Friday Night Lights” high school football practice (you know, because #TEXAS).

All you want to do is finish this dinner that came, at least partially, from a box, feed the heathens ransacking your house, put them to bed (who cares if they bathe at this point), and have a drink. Two unbelievably grueling hours later it is done, they are passed out and looking completely, misleadingly innocent. You totally rocked it! Time to treat yourself with a little sugar and a splash of carbs.

Coconut Crème Pie Cocktail
1.5 ounce Rumchata
1.5 ounce Malibu Rum
2.5 Half and Half
Garnish – Toasted Coconut Rim

Oh, Rumchata, that sweet little conundrum that you have probably had a hundred times on those, not so far in the past, tropical vacations. It is a mix of Rum, crème, and Horchata – which is basically a fancy way of saying a combination of grains, nuts, and spices with a few other types of yummy goodness thrown in. This is a dessert cocktail that will remind you of sitting on the beach and watching beautiful blue waves roll over gorgeous white sand. Which we know you could use right about now.

First, go grab that martini glass that is hiding in the cupboard just screaming for an occasion to be used. You are going to be rimming the glass with a heavier substance so you will need to grab something with a thick consistency like honey, or in this case I used organic blue agave syrup. The thicker the liquid we use to attach the toasted coconut rim to the glass the better. To make it easier to coat the rim of your glass pour half a cup of toasted coconut flakes onto a small plate and three or so ounces of the agave onto a small rimmed plate such as a saucer. Take your martini glass and lightly roll the outer rim in the liquid and then repeat that action with the toasted coconut. Remember, don’t over use the agave as it will drip causing the coconut to fall down faster than me trying to walk in five-inch heels.

Second, grab a vessel to mix all the ingredients into. Mix the Rumchata, Malibu, and half and half into the glass along with 1 cup of ice.

Then, take a spoon and simply stir the liquid until it is nice and blended. For added points you can sing “if you like Piná Coladas/ and getting caught in the rain” while stirring. Ok, you caught me, not the same drink I just really like that song. Now, take your stirring spoon and use it to strain the liquid into your martini glass. It helps if you pretend the ice pieces are “Night Walkers”, the glass is the “Wall”, and your spoon is Jon Snow. Don’t play with me, I know you watch that show.

Thirdly, you take that cocktail, sit on your couch (yes, in the midst of the damage your beautiful fire tornado blessings left for you to clean up), close your eyes, and enjoy this little slice of decadence. Don’t forget to check back with us next month for a new cocktail recipe. Until then, enjoy National Pi(e) Day, because diets were meant to be broken and I know I will be breaking mine.