Katie Kime

March 26, 2018

Welcome to the “Kim’s Faves” series, where Whim Hospitality CEO Kim Hanks will chat about some of her favorite things including brands, business owners, and the best of local and international products. We are relaunching the series with a highlight on lifestyle brand designer, Katie Kime, who has become a friend of Kim and Whim Hospitality through inspiring designs, great products and fun partnered events. Most recently, we have enjoyed her expertise in table design at our Holiday Design Days event and look forward to incorporating her designs into future projects. We’ll leave it up to Kim to explain how this obsession into the Katie Kime brand began and what we can look forward to in the future.

Photography by Mercedes Morgan

Breakfast… my husband adores breakfast. Our whole week could have been a hectic fog with infrequent interactions, but when I make breakfast it’s like the reset button has been hit. Breakfast is actually one of the secrets to making our quirky marriage so great. One Saturday morning, I stumbled across Lifestyle Creative Camille Styles’ Pin featuring blueberry dutchboy pancakes, and I knew I had a showstopper on my hands. The pancake rose to divine heights in my cast iron pan and it was deceivingly easy to make. Beauty+Simplicity…..I’m hooked. I had to dive deeper into what mysteries Camille Styles could unravel for me. Upon scouring her website, I stumbled across a blog about a Lifestyle brandista, Katie Kime, who so happened to have a brick and mortar in Austin. I was struck by a photo of her closet decked out in a palm leaf print with matching stools. I love color and the designers who embrace color in all things fashion. I’m also a fan of repeating patterns in fabrics and wallpaper throughout a room. I found it odd that a pancake had circuitously led me to Katie Kime designs. But, isn’t that the way we find everything on the internet these days?

Photo Courtesy of CamilleStyles.com (Molly Culver Photography

I was amused to find the Katie Kime store located in a building Whit had just sold two years prior. The store was sandwiched between a high end hair salon I once frequented and a bridal boutique. When I walked into the store, I noticed the bold patterns that washed over her clothing line, gift wrap, pillows, and furniture alike. It reminded me of a modern version of the Old English style of repeating patterns throughout a whole room. At first I played it safe by purchasing a shift with a bee pattern, two ginger jar patterned pillows, and a woven clutch in colors matching the dress.

Over the last year and a half I’ve frequented the store and website purchasing gifts and buying fabrics and furniture for Whim. My faves are the dipped horsehair earrings, palm frond pajamas and monogramed thank you cards. This year, we will also be featuring Katie Kime wallpaper and fabrics at our new pool and cabana at Camp Lucy Resort….plus more. Stay tuned.

Photography by Mercedes Morgan