International (WHIM)EN’S Day

March 8, 2020

Whim Hospitality Women Executive Team

As a woman-owned and women-led company with a largely female staff (whose affinity for Beyoncé is next-level), it sometimes feels like every day is International Women’s Day around here. However, do the sheer talent, passion, and flat out “badassery” that can be found among all of our female Whimmers, we would be remiss to not celebrate accordingly. Today we celebrate the women who came before us and created a culture in which women’s ideas could be heard, a place where women feel safe to dream big, and the opportunity to do what we do best-run the world.


We are aware that there is more to female empowerment than girl power playlists and inspiring quotes. It is about putting in the work to set the standard of what female leadership looks like and making tangible efforts to better the future for ourselves and our predecessors. According to our CEO, Kim Hanks, “collaboration, empathy, and listening are leadership skills that create a movement”. At Whim Hospitality, we take great pride our female leaders, making the time to learn from our tenured professionals and pouring into the next generation. As Kim likes to say, “We are made to be rivers and not reservoirs. When blessings come to us it should move through us to others”. Through ongoing educational training, partnerships within our community, mentorship opportunities and so much more, we truly believe in supporting women in any way we can. We are blessed to have such an incredible executive team made up of some down-right inspiring women. In the spirit of passing along some knowledge, the (WHIM)EN of our Executive Board are sharing some tips they have learned along the way.


Kim Hanks


The best leaders take themselves out of the center. 

Once you realize it’s not about you, it’s about others- your employees, your clients, your neighbors-everything becomes clear. You find your strength in how you can best serve others. And there lies you lane of power.

Kim Hanks, Co-Founder and CEO




Authenticity is the key.  

Many female leaders make the mistake of feeling like they have to rule with iron fist to be taken seriously. Be firm when you need to be firm but lead with kindness and nurture – you will garner more respect in the long run.

Ashley Sansalone, Director of Sales and Marketing




Live and work by the motto “you reap what you sow.”

If I’m putting out good positive energy and focusing on my team (either as an individual contributor or leader) and adding or supporting the team with resources and time, the outcome will be positive for the team and the company.

Deb Coulter-Bueide, Director of Operations




Raise your chair to the highest level when sitting at a conference table.

As a shorter female, I make sure to do little things like this to build a demanding presence in a board room setting. It’s all about being confident and ready to own what you are about to say.

Malika Ashley, Director of Human Resources



So, cheers to you, women of 2020. May you be joyful, empowered, and have the courage to turn your wildest dreams into reality. You never know… you just might end up with one of the fastest-growing companies in Central Texas.

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