The STIR: South Texas Ruby Red

As summer comes to a close, we are celebrating some sassy South Texas citrus with this delicious and refreshing grapefruit cocktail. This redheaded beauty is simple to make and even simpler to sip. What more can you ask for?


South Texas Ruby Red

½ oz Del Maguey, VIDA Mezcal
¾ oz Paula’s Texas Grapefruit Liqueur
½ oz Lime Juice

¼ oz Simple Syrup

½ oz Grapefruit Juice

Splash of Topo Chico
1 Texas Grapefruit
5 fresh Basil Leaves leaves

Hibiscus/Tajin Salt 

First let’s start with preparing those Texas Grapefruits. While the white pith and membrane of citrus fruits are edible, they're also quite bitter. So, for purposes such as this cocktail, where we want a little sweeter citrus taste, you'll want to supreme the grapefruit, removing the sweet flesh from its bitter surrounds.Slice lengthwise between flesh and peel, following fruit's contour; remove peel and pith- that easy.

In a cocktail mixer, muddle the basil leaves and grapefruit supremes. 

Next, add all of your liquids except for the Topo Chico and stir.

Now, prepare your glass by adding the Hibiscus and Tajin Salt rim. Coat the rim of your glass with grapefruit juice and roll into salt mixture. We used a mason jar, because this is a South Texas cocktail after all. 

Lastly, pour your mixture over ice and top off with a splash of Topo Chico.

Complete with a basil and grapefruit wedge garnish.

What type of tent should you rent?

Since our early days, we have been passionate about bringing quality products to our clients while delivering exceptional customer service. Our tent division is no exception. Whether you are needing a tent as a rain plan for your big day, or a unique setting for your next corporate dinner, Whim Hospitality is your go-to for all things tenting. As the popularity of outdoor events continues to rise, we continue to find the latest and greatest to make your event one guests will be talking about for years. With so many options, it can be hard to know where to start, so we have created this easy flow chart to lead you on the right path to the tent that fits your style, needs, and space.

Sperry Tent:

Handcrafted by New England sailmakers, and raised beneath the big Texas sky, Sperry Tents are natural partners to life’s special occasions. Our sweeping sailcloth canopies are supported by wooden poles and topped by waving flags – a signature look that conveys both elegance and romance.

Frame Tent:

The frame tent is the most commonly used tent, ideal for a variety of outdoor wedding, social or corporate events. Frame tents are modular and can thus accommodate a variety of event table and entertainment configurations. Visit our gallery for a selection of frame tent images.

Losberger-Structure Tent:

Thanks to their high-quality modular construction system, structure tents offer a particularly large variety of sizes, shapes and configuration options. This tried, tested and widely approved method of modular construction allows the user to create solutions and supply cost-efficient, functional, safe and attractive event venues. The Clearspan design offers a free, unobstructed room view from inside the tent with no center poles or support columns inside the tent. Visit our gallery for a selection of images

(Download the Whim Tent Rental Flow Chart here!)

Freebie Friday-Weekly Planner

“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action becomes reality.”


It’s time to get to dreaming! Outline your plans and let us help keep you organized along the way. We are starting this weekend with some Freebie Friday #Whimjoy in the form of this summer vibes weekly planner. Whether you are an old school, handwritten kind of gal or prefer a digital copy, we are getting you set up for a great week that should be a “summer breeze.”

Download printable weekly planner here

Download digital fillable weekly planner here

As always, we want to see how you are kickstarting your week. Share how you are using this weekly planner by tagging and using #Whimjoy. 

Walking With Whit – Tile You Were Sleeping…

I saw a lot of France while posing as an antiques dealer for much of the 80s and 90s. No matter how often I came across it, the beauty and history of the local heritage buildings – from old churches to the entry halls of homes constructed centuries ago – were always impressive.

One of the common themes I came across was encaustic tile, an artistic display of salvaged tiles that create gorgeous visuals to entryways and open spaces. Occasionally, I would find encaustic tile that was large enough to resell in the Austin community. One of my best discoveries during this time found its eventual home in a building near the Best Buy off MoPac in South Austin.The artistry behind these patterns begins well before the tile hits the floor. Because the pattern or imagery on the surface of encaustic tiles comes from different colors of mortar, and not the product of a glaze, making encaustic tiles is extremely labor-intensive. The process starts with a mold that separates each color and hand-poured into its corresponding cavity. These molds are then pressed together with a base layer of clay or concrete and– like magic – a beautiful tile finally emerges.

The strong French colonial influence in Vietnam has created a wealth of local artists, masons, and encaustic tiling wizardry.

With help from my son Roger, who at the time was living in Hanoi with his family, I was able to design and produce an intricate pattern to use for our French colonial-style restaurant at Camp Lucy, Tillie’s.

We had a clear vision for the restaurant floor’s design and color pattern, but of course, none of the factory’s stock designs would work for our very creative design team. Thankfully, Roger was able to work closely with a Vietnamese factory to produce tiles that would create the unique patterns and colors we wanted on Tillie’s dining room floor, it’s bathrooms, and our banquet room, Mr. Kiem’s house.

After much back and forth, we eventually receive a shipping container full of customized encaustic tiles – 19 pallets in total – that contained the 16 color patterns that would come together as one stunningly elegant showpiece.

While I am confident the finished product will be gorgeous, watching the tiles fit together perfectly has been equally delightful.

We set up a time lapse camera to record the installation process (which you can see below).

Tillie's Encaustic Tiles Installation from Whim Hospitality on Vimeo.

Lastly, I encourage you to view our drawing of the original design we used for creating our beautiful restaurant floor. Let me know – how did we do?

Prosecco Popsicles

If the calendar didn’t clue you in, this Texas weather surely did…summer is upon us. With heat like this, we know you are only interested in the cooler side of life. Is there anything better to beat the heat than a homemade popsicle? What about popsicles + bubbly? Now we're talking! 

We’re keeping it simple and getting you straight to summertime bliss with this delicious recipe.

Strawberry Peach Popsicle

1 Cup Peach Slices

1 Quart Strawberry Daiquiri Mix

Popsicle Molds

Sparkling Wine 

We’re going to start by creating the popsicles, which can be customized and enjoyed by all ages. First, place your desired fruit into the molds.

Next add in your fruit juice mix, here we used strawberry daiquiri mix- the tropics were calling and boy did we answer.

Now that you’ve gotten things where you’d like them, insert in popsicle sticks and place in the freezer. Freeze for up to 8 hours or overnight. Trust us, it’s worth the wait.

Next comes the moment you’ve been waiting for, bring on the bubbly! Pour you preferred sparkling wine and then add in that fabulous, frozen confection.

We have included this handy sparking wine scale to ensure popsicle perfection.

It’s that easy. The proof is in the Prosecco, popsicles aren’t just for the kiddos anymore!

Kim’s Faves- Hometown Inspiration

For many people, success is shaped through a complex course of events, influences, and opportunities. Some choices are strategic and some seem to be a result of pure luck, but each equally impactful and important to the end result. For Kim, hometowns, culture and the power of time itself have played a huge role in her journey to success. From foreign cultures to pop stars, Kim has found inspiration in everything around her, always remembering the power of the places we choose to call home.

Give Time Time quote

I have lived in many home towns in 44 years. Each town has played an important role in who I am and where I've come to be. About 16 years ago I was living in the Caribbean (Humacao, Puerto Rico, specifically). The twin towers had just collapsed the year prior, and I wanted to leave mainland United States. Because fear can take hold when information isn't readily available, I leapt at the opportunity to take my young family from California to a remote location in Puerto Rico where I felt they may be safer than where we were. Instead of becoming a hiding place, it became the place of Genesis for me. Puerto Rico changed me. The people changed me. I learned of the beauty the Hispanic culture offered with their love of family and their generosity to strangers.

They are also incredibly patient. A common phrase is "Dame Tiempo, Tiempo". Give time, time. I think back on that profound phrase often. Don't rush time. If it hasn't happened yet, I'm not ready or the idea isn't ready. How beautiful it is to let time mature an idea or a thought? The Puerto Rican's focus on family propelled me to move back to Texas, my birth state. My mom and dad were there, and I had a new focus on what living a full life really meant.

In 2005, I made my way to Dripping Springs, Texas, after repatriating for a year in Ventura, California. Though I had left Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico hadn't left me. I still listened to Reggaetón music and Ricky Martin, the first son of Puerto Rico, along with binge watching every Jennifer Lopez film I could get my hands on. Even though JLo came from Brooklyn, she was Puerto Rican or Nuyorican. I stumbled upon her movie, The Wedding Planner, on TV. It had originally come out in theaters in 2001 the same year I decided to pack up and move to Puerto Rico. Interestingly, I hadn't watched the movie yet. It wasn't time yet. "Dame Tiempo, Tiempo". Time needed to mature me. After watching the movie, I knew I wanted to become a wedding planner. To me, it was a message from my hometown in Puerto Rico, from the people of Puerto Rico, that my future would be found in the wedding business. And, the leading man, Mathew McConaughey was from Austin, Texas, just a stone’s throw away from Dripping Springs, my new hometown to-be.

When I first arrived in Dripping Springs, I phoned a girlfriend and proclaimed I had landed in Mayberry, it felt like a scene straight from The Andy Griffith Show. It was a tiny town with a church or a taxidermist on every corner, it seemed. I immediately started questioning my dream of starting a wedding business. What could this sleepy town offer? Oh, was I wrong! Dripping Springs offered opportunity in spades. Through working with the Chamber of Commerce and the Planning and Zoning Committees, I met everyone in town and learned how to communicate my vision and dream to other like-minded people. I married a local and we opened a wedding venue. The rest is history.

13 years after moving to Dripping Springs, Texas, the town is now known as “The Wedding Capital of Texas.” It now has 36 wedding venues and hosts more than 2,000 weddings a year. I was able to marry the ideas I had from living in Humacao and take advantage of the opportunities in Dripping Springs, Texas. Thank you to all the wise and generous people in small home towns. You are inspiring and breathe hope and life into dreams.

Freebie Friday- Phone Templates + Wallpapers

Whim Hospitality Downloads

Summer is here and we’re ready to kick it off with some Freebie Friday #WhimJoy. We love getting to know more about you, so we have created these Instagram quiz templates to see what sparks your #WhimJoy!

Click the links below or download directly from our Instagram stories (@Whimhospitality) to get started. Fill out your answers and get to posting. Be sure to tag us so we can join in on all the fun.

Plus, as an added bonus, we’ve thrown in an additional July wallpaper- just for you! Happy Freebie Friday!

CLICK HERE to download "July Calendar Wallpaper"

CLICK HERE to download "Favorites Template"

CLICK HERE to download "This or That Template"

The STIR: Lavender Sapphire Collins

School is finally out for summer and you survived the hustle and bustle of another school year filled with carpool and homework duty. You need a break, we get it! It just so happens lavender season is upon us. Coincidence? We think not! In spirit of this Hill Country staple and some much-needed relaxation, we are going to put a spin on a summer favorite. We’ve tweaked a few key ingredients of a traditional Tom Collins by adding all the elements you need to get you on the fast track to calm - lavender and alcohol!

Whim Lavender Cocktail

Lavender Sapphire Collins

2oz Bombay Sapphire

1 oz Lavender Simple Syrup

1 oz Lime Juice

Lavender Simple Syrup

1 Cup Water

1 Cup Sugar

3 Tbsp lavender buds, rinsed (remove buds from the stems before they flower) 

Now by this time you are a seasoned beverage connoisseur so making that lavender simple syrup isn’t going to be difficult at all. Begin by bringing the water to a boil. Once boiling, reduce to a simmer and stir in 1 cup of sugar. Once the sugar is dissolved, add in 3 tablespoons of lavender buds. Simmer mixture for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and let steep for 7 minutes. Depending on your lavender, you may or may not get a pale lavender shade to your syrup. Let cool and then strain into a jar or bottle with tight fitting lid.

Whim Hospitality Catering

The “hard” part is over and you’re nearing the finish line. Next, you will pour your Gin, simple syrup, and lime juice into a shaker tin and shake, shake, shake it with ice. You’re almost done, the lavender fields are calling, and girl, you are answering!

 Whim Hospitality Cocktails

After you’ve gotten your ingredients as shaken as you were after hearing about the Channing Tatum’s divorce, strain the liquid over ice and garnish with a lime and sprig of lavender. It’s that simple, and yes, that delicious! 

Whim Hospitality Cocktail blog

Walking With Whit- Neighboring Ancestors

In the hospitality industry, we feel like we all have become a family of sorts. Even as our industry grows, it feels like everyone is connected in some shape or form. But when it comes to Whit and this fun travel adventure, the term “small world” is taken to the next level. On a recent trip to England, Whit discovered some more fun stories about his lineage, one of which led to the discovery that his ancestors were actually neighbors with George Washington’s ancestors. Talk about a small (and interesting) world. 

For quite a while I was an antiques dealer in Austin. That career started about 1981 and lasted for about 20 years. I still indulge my antique buying instincts (the fun part of being an antiques dealer) at the local monthly auction. In my heyday, I would make about three trips a year to Europe to search for architectural antiques. During the most hectic period, I would spend two days in England, two days in Belgium and three days in France on each trip, shipping home three containers—one from each country.

During one of those trips, I attended an architectural antiques auction in Lea, County Wiltshire, England. That’s a small town near Malmesbury which is pretty close to Bath in the southwest region—very scenic and historic. At this particular auction, the bidding was done by name, and when I was the high bidder on an item, the auctioneer called out—“sold to Mr. Hanks”. Shortly afterward, another bidder came over to me to confirm my name and told me his last name was “Hanks”, too. He went on to say that many folks in his village were named Hanks, and many came from his village of Garsdon which was nearby. I guess the famous Tom Hanks’ ancestors came from that same village a few generations ago.

I felt a little differently walking around Malmesbury after that, imagining that my ancestors had walked the same cobblestoned streets a few hundred years ago. When I got home, I researched that story a little a learned that Benjamin Hanks was born in Malmesbury in 1666 and later emigrated to Mansfield, Connecticut. Various ancestors started the first silk mill in America, the first bronze cannon and the first bronze bell factory. Another was a famous clock maker—in fact, a clock of his is in the Diplomatic State Rooms in Washington, DC, which are used for entertaining foreign dignitaries.

Anyway, on a recent trip back to England, I thought it would be fun to revisit the small village church in Garsdon where all the Hanks were supposed to have come. Kim and I happened to arrive at Heathrow on a Sunday morning flight, and by chance we discovered we could attend the Sunday church service that morning. After getting lost a little we managed to walk in the door to the church just at 9:30 when the service began. We were noticed, because I think there were only 12 others in attendance.

After the service, we were warmly greeted by the congregation who were a bit curious about us. They wondered if we Americans were visiting because of George Washington. We ask why? They told us that George Washington’s grandfather was also from the village—in fact you could see his house nearby from the church grounds. Not only that but old Mr. Washington was actually buried under the church floor, and there is a plaque dedicated to his memory on the wall—he was apparently famous in his own lifetime, well before his grandson turned out to be kind of a big deal in the United States.

We struck up a friendship with some of the congregation and now receive their monthly newsletter. In fact, we plan to visit again in July. It turns out that the church was originally constructed in the 1200’s and then added onto over the centuries. They are finally getting around to installing indoor plumbing this summer, which is triggering an expansion into the graveyard nearby. We plan to check on progress during our visit this summer and will let you know what we find.

We Are Whim-Beau

   There is no Whimmer that spreads the #WhimJoy quite like our Chief Morale officer, Beau.

Kim’s beloved baby is vital in the success of our organization and office life wouldn’t be nearly as fun without him! We are taking a look at a day in the life from Beau’s point of view, complete with lots cake, ball throwing, head scratches, naps and more cake. It’s a ruff life for this fella.


Kim’s Faves- Gift Picks

Spring is a time for celebration! With graduations, weddings, birthdays, showers, etc. we have a lot of milestones to acknowledge and with that comes a lot of gifts to give! Not all of us are naturally great gift givers, so in this month’s edition of “Kim’s Faves” we are taking some tips from the one who has become the unofficial “best gift giver” at Whim Hospitality, our CEO, Kim Hanks. Join us as she highlights great items with equally great stories covering all things from style to sweet tooth.

A couple of years ago I stumbled upon a book,  The Five Love Languages, written by Gary Chapman. Through this book I learned that people show and receive love mostly in five different ways; quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, touch and gift giving. After taking the quiz at the back of the book, I learned my love language is gifts. It makes a lot of sense to me why my blog is “Kim’s Faves”, and why I buy lots of presents for co-workers, friends, and family. I’m not a fan of just holiday giving, but instead, I love giving when I see the perfect item for someone. It feels more authentic and brings unexpected joy. Here are some of my recent “faves” for gifts and the stories behind them.

 I like to source locally and purchasing items that have a worthy cause attached. My favorite local jeweler is  Jamie Pope of Liz James Designs. Though her studio is in Austin, Texas, I purchased my first collectable piece from Starrs on Mercer in the town of Dripping Springs, Texas. Why I liked her designs so well was because they are handmade and light as a feather. It was a welcome feeling from years of wearing heavy earrings and chunky necklaces. My current favorite from Liz James is the Lucky necklace which is in a shape of a wishbone. I’ve given seven of these so far and each for different reasons. My favorite reason was for my daughter Iverson’s wedding. She borrowed mine for her “something borrowed” item for her wedding. I said she could give it back after her seven year itch had passed…..I’m not superstitious! 

Whim Hospitality Liz James

 (Photo courtesy of The Scout Guide)

    My second favorite item of the season is my alpaca throw from  A Woven Peru. A Woven Peru provides sustainable jobs and fair wages for Peruvian women and men. I became obsessed with Alpacas and convinced my adoring husband to buy seven for our wedding venue, Camp Lucy. You may say, “Why would I need an alpaca throw in Texas, in the month of May”? My answer, air conditioning office wars. This throw is always the right weight no matter the season or reason for why the office is the temperature of Michigan in the springtime. It can also be doubled as a shrug if I need to dress up an outfit to go out after work. My favorite is the Arequipa throw in charcoal gray because it goes with everything. 

 (Photo courtesy of

My third pick is  chocolate gummy bears from Trust me, it’s a game changer. No longer do I have to struggle with the right number of chips per bear. For the record it’s three chocolate chips to one normal size gummy bear. I usually buy the dark chocolate enrobed bears but they also carry chocolate covered cinnamon bears, white chocolate and milk chocolate gummy bears. This website also carries Prosecco Gummy Bears perfect for wedding showers. Chocolate covered gummy bears got me through the early years of my wedding planning business. I packed these babies in my fanny pack and popped a couple whenever my blood sugar would drop from forgetting to eat on wedding day and when I needed an emotional pick me up. Who doesn’t smile while eating a gummy bear? 

 (Photo courtesy of

    We hope you have enjoyed these great items and are ready to ready to grab one of each for gifts and snag a few for yourself as well. We look forward to seeing you next month as Kim highlights more of her favorite things!

Freebie Friday- Mother’s Day Mom-osa Bar

We are celebrating with a special Mom-inspired edition of Freebie Friday. We are setting you up with this great printable package with everything you'll need to set the scene for the perfect Mother's Day brunch. We're talking banners, cards, and mimosa tags- pop the bubbly the Mom-osa bar of your dreams is here! 

Enough with the chatter, get your downloads and get to creating now: 

Mother's Day Printables: 


MOM-OSA Bar Sign 

Mother's Day 5X7 Card

Juice Tags

Pattern Pennant Flag

Mother's Day Pennant Flag

*Whim Tip: When printing make sure to print as "actual size" and do not "fit entire page" to keep accurate dimensions. We backed our designs with some colorful paper for added stability and an extra pop of color. 

Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day. Enjoy! We would love to see your complete set-up, make sure to tag your photos with #WhimJoy so we can share in all the fun! 

The STIR: Cinco de Mayo Spicy Paloma

It’s about that time, Cinco de Mayo is upon and all I can say is “ people let me tell you ‘bout my best friend”. No silly, it is not a person. It’s Tequila. More specifically Tequila with a little heat. We are in Texas after all, and we know you love a good margarita, but we thought we would channel our inner Spice Girls and “Spice up your Life.” What better way to celebrate than to add our favorite ingredient- Peppers? There is a whole world of peppers that can add heat to your recipes, but each is completely individualized by its flavor profile. For example, Poblanos – Smoky, Habaneros – mellow/slightly acidic, Jalapeños – herbaceous, this list goes on and on! For this particular batch of heat-packed amazingness, we went with Serrano peppers. Serranos can be a milder pepper, in terms of flavor, but pack a punch in the heat department (when in season).

This play on a Paloma is a really good way to couple spicy with sweet, tart, and savory components, and is just festive enough to get you through your Cinco De Mayo celebrations! 

Spicy Paloma

1.5 ounces Reposado Tequila

1-ounce Cointreau

1-ounce Guava Juice

1.5 ounces Italian Prickly Pear Soda

A splash of Grapefruit Juice

1 Serrano Pepper slice

Garnish with a lime wheel

To get this party started, you will want to measure out the base of this drink – the alcohol! Take a pint glass, sure the one that is left over from last week’s NFL draft will work just fine. I mean alcohol kills germs, right? Throw in some ice cubes and toss in the Tequila and Cointreau

Whim Hospitality Austin Catering

Once you have the liquor in the glass you are going to want to drop in that slice of serrano. If you happen to be using a shaker tin, instead of a glass, you can rapid infuse that alcohol by shaking the tin with everything you have. Go ahead, go overboard, that way you can skip arm day at the gym but side tip - never skip leg day we all know how that turns out. If you are using the glass you will want to muddle that pepper seeds and all.To muddle you can use a long spoon, an ice cream scoop, or if you are really desperate use the handle of Phillips screwdriver that has been hanging out in the junk drawer just begging to be used. Use the blunt end of whatever object you go with and break apart that pepper using heavy pressure and some slight aggression. No judgement here.

 Whim Hospitality Cinco De Mayo Paloma Cocktail

Next, you will want to add the mixers to this concoction (note – the only time you should use a carbonated mixer is when you are finishing off a drink after all the mixing, stirring, and begging is complete NEVER before the shake). Add in the Guava and grapefruit juice and give that glass/tin a good shake or stir. So close, I can even taste it!

Whim Hospitality- Austin Catering

Last step, you’re almost there, we told you this would be easy! It’s time to grab your festive serving glass, or if you’re like me feel free to use the same glass you have been working with and the add ice straight in. (No need for added glasses around here, UGH, Dishes- AM I Right?!?!) Top the drink off with your prickly pear soda and garnish with a lime. For added fun and an oh so perfect Instagram photo, consider using an actual slice of prickly pear as your garnish instead of a lime. Oh, come on you know what prickly pear is. Remember those amazing giant cactuses that decorate our landscape because it is hotter than Hades here most of the time? The prickly pear is a fruit that grows on those. Yep, those little bulbs are indeed fruit, not the cactus pulling an Optimus Prime move. Side note: if you don’t have access to cacti at your own house, please don’t get caught “borrowing” it from a neighbor. Trust me, been there, done that!


Cinco de Mayo Cocktail recipe

Thanks for tuning in and remember Cinco de Mayo marks the beginning of our summer activities and as we all know summer in Texas lasts 6-8 months, so you might as well embrace the heat in your drinks and celebrate properly. Check in next month for a specialty Father’s Day cocktail and remember Cinco de Mayo is not limited to margaritas, let’s show some love for the other members in the tequila family! 

We Are Whim-Catering

It’s finally time to talk about the most delicious part of our business, Whim Catering. Consider this your seat at the Chef’s table, we’re giving you a taste of the back of house fun. There are so many components and personalities that make up our award-winning Catering team that we will continue to highlight throughout the course of our blog. But first, we thought it was necessary to start with the “ingredients” that make up the foundation of the Whim Hospitality Culinary team.

1 Cup Innovation:

Being an industry leader is a common goal and theme across all of our departments. We are constantly formulating unique flavor profiles, presentations, and unexpected techniques to create an extraordinary culinary experience.

4 Quarts of Great Tunes:

No kitchen is complete without a great playlist, ours is no exception. On any given day you can expect an eclectic mix of anything from Britney Spears to the Allman Brothers. (Stay tuned for footage of these epic jam sessions.)

2 Parts Collaboration:

One of the many benefits of offering multiple services under our Whim umbrella, is the ability to easily collaborate. Our catering staff is able to utilize the best in rentals and florals to create amazing presentations and add to the overall guest experience. From initial brainstorming to event execution, we are able to rely on members across our entire team to deliver a truly memorable production.

3 Teaspoons of Training:

Our team is composed of many years of experience and world-class training. Each member brings their unique skill set to the table and is able to contribute and shine in their own way. We prioritize hands-on training by taking the time to teach new skills and techniques across all levels of our culinary team.

5 Heaping Tablespoons of Passion:

There is nothing better than getting people excited about food. Delivering and exceptional product requires a passion that is hard to come by. Our team aims to construct meals that evoke emotion and create a lasting memory with every bite.

1 Pinch of Playful Banter:

It’s no surprise, every kitchen comes with a little sarcasm and fun. The Whim culinary team is truly a family- complete with occasional teasing, jokes, laughs, and ultimately, a sense of comradery unlike any other.

Stay tuned as we unveil more about our catering team and other departments in this continuing We Are Whim Blog Series. Until then, we know all this kitchen talk is probably making you hungry. So, for some added fun we are dishing up the full tutorial from Chef Rob on the Vietnamese street food, Banh Xeo. Enjoy! 

Banh Xeo: Vietnamese "Happy Pancakes" 

¼ cup dried yellow mung beans, soaked in cold water for 30 minutes, (drained)
½ cup coconut milk, lite
1 cup rice flour
½ cup cornstarch
2 cups water
2 green onion tops, sliced thin
¾ tsp. ground turmeric
1 tsp. fine sea salt
1 tsp. sugar


Add coconut milk and mung beans together in blender, puree on high for 1 minute until very smooth. Mix together flour, cornstarch, turmeric, salt, sugar, and green onion in medium mixing bowl. Scrape blender mix into 2nd mixing bowl, whisk in cold water. Add all dry ingredients at once to liquid mixture and whisk until batter is smooth with no lumps. Cover and refrigerate overnight, or at least 4 hours to let batter rest.

When returning to use batter, make sure to gently stir to re-incorporate starches as they will separate from liquid during the resting period.

To make pancakes:

Heat 1 tbsp. of light oil in non-stick 8 inch skillet over medium high heat. Add desired proteins until fully cooked in skillet. Add 2-3oz. of batter to middle of pan and instantly “swirl” pan to distribute batter evenly and coating the inside lower portion of the pan. Return to heat and cook until pancake starts to sizzle and lightly crisp and brown around the edges. Use a heatproof spatula to lift outside edge of pancake and flip over to cook another 30 seconds.

For Garnishing:

Serve with your favorite sauce such as peanut, nuoc mam, sweet chili; and fresh mint, cilantro, daikon & carrot pickle, cucumbers and mung bean sprouts.

Walking With Whit- SAPA Vietnam

When I first began going to Vietnam about ten years ago, Sapa was over the mountain. The only way to reach it was by overnight train from Hanoi, and it was described in the same way I had heard about Machu Pichu, Peru described—an exotic destination with indigenous people wearing brightly colored clothes and breathtaking scenery.

In the intervening years, Vietnam has modernized in many ways. Now there are roads going to most regions of the country, including Sapa, which is northwest of Hanoi about 5 hours by car. It’s still not considered safe to drive yourself in Vietnam, but our agent, Hung, arranged a car and driver to take our family on this very tame adventure. I spent most of the trip shooting photos out the window of all the things that can be carried on a motorbike. It happened that we were traveling just before the Tet holiday, and everyone was on the road carrying everything from fruit trees to pigs on their motorbikes, so I got a lot of photos. I hadn’t seen someone herding water buffalo from his motorbike before, like a Peruvian vaquero, so that was a first for me.

We didn’t go directly to Sapa. We are researching exotic places in the world (a pleasant duty), and my son Roger had found a remote hotel in the mountains near Sapa built by a local businessman. It was called  Topas Ecolodge. I was most impressed with the 4,000 lb. green marble tub and the way the cottages were similar to the ones we already have at Camp Lucy. It will be easy to add others that mimic the Ecolodge style and create a communal “fire pit” between each pair so that family groups can better enjoy their Camp Lucy Experience together. 


(Photo Courtesy of

 The only actual “adventure” we had on this leg of the trip was following a sign that said “Buffalo Trail”. It was not a misleading sign; it really was a water buffalo trail. It had just rained the day before, so we slipped from one muddle hole to another for about a mile. We finally were rescued by a group of street vendors dressed in native costumes. Kim gave her Ecuadorian alpaca sweater to one of them, hoping to thoroughly confuse them by introducing similar weaving traditions to people living on the other side of the world.


On the next day, we traveled with our driver, who was staying with us for the whole trip, to the town of Sapa about an hour away. It reminded us of Hot Springs, Arkansas of all places. There are loads of nice hotels, a lake, and steam baths. Most importantly, someone has developed a Disneyland-esque cable ride to the highest point in Vietnam near the town of Sapa. The fact that it was freezing cold and windy in the mountains in January meant that the crowds were kept in check, and we had a great time. Somehow, using typical Vietnamese ingenuity, the contractor had been able to not only build the sky ride—which rivaled those in major American ski resorts—but they had built a gigantic temple with a 50 foot bronze Buddha on the top of the mountain. 

Did I mention that my son and daughter were taking Vance, their 9-month-old, on all of these adventures? He’s definitely going to have the travel bug when he grows up as a result of this early indoctrination. I can speak with authority on this subject, having been subjected to a lot of travel as a young child myself and repeated the family tradition with my own children. I strongly recommend this parenting tradition! 

Berried Moscow Mule

           It’s ok, I understand, don’t give up yet! Just one more gas receipt needs to be put into turbo tax. SSSHHHH, you don’t need to admit you should have went to an accountant instead of taking on itemizing by yourself. The commercials made it seem so easy! Almost done, just click submit! Success! Why did we not invest in a confetti gun for this very moment? Fireworks? Anything? Okay, maybe you aren’t going to get that epic of a celebration, but can we at least get a slow clap, right? Well you listen here, were celebrating with you and the crowd is going wild! You are officially done with your taxes and have 10 months to go before you have to question why you don’t just live off of the land in the Alaskan wilderness.

Fear not, we’re here to get you through with a cocktail worthy of such an occasion. This is not the moment for an ’82 Bordeaux. This is not the time for a full bodied 200 calorie IPA that you only have once in a blue moon because, you know, carbs. This is the moment that you need to break out the hard stuff. Now when I say hard liquor I mean a Berried Moscow Mule not shots of Sambuca -we all remember how that ended up in college. A Berried Moscow Mule is simple to make, easy to enjoy, and just what you need this tax season! 

Berried Moscow Mule

1.5 ounces of Berry infused Vodka

Ginger Beer

Lime Juice

Garnish with Skewered Blackberries and Raspberries

Before you start to make this drink, you are going to want to pour your Vodka into a carafe or container and then add around a half pound of assorted berries. Allow the Vodka to sit overnight either in the refrigerator or on the counter. (Tip for infusing – you can either muddle the fruit in the liquid or leave out at room temperature to infuse). After the vodka has taken on the flavor of the berries, it is almost time to enjoy that drink. 
Typically, a Mule is served in a copper mug but I would be lying if I didn’t say that a Paw Patrol sippy cup doesn’t work just as well.

First, squeeze a large wedge of lime into your cup to add that nice acidity to your drink. Second, pour 2 ounces of vodka and 3 ounces of ginger beer into your cup. The bartender trick here is to pour the liquor and the mixer at the same time so that they naturally mix together.

You will want to do this anytime you have a drink that involves a carbonated beverage because if you try to shake it then it will come out flatter than a joke in my house when the Cowboys are beating the Giants. 

Next, skewer an assortment of berries to serve as your garnish, or stirrer, or dinner, since you probably haven’t cooked since those W-2s showed up!  Enjoy, you deserve it!

Stay tuned for the next installment of your friendly neighborhood drink blog and remember, “the first rule of fight club is you don’t mention fight club”, or in this case- taxes.

Freebie Friday- Phone Wallpapers

 Downloadable Spring Phone Wallpapers

We know the hunt is always on for a great new phone wallpaper. You asked and we answered! We have created these Whim-Inspired looks that are fresh for spring and just for you! 

Click the links below to download your favorite wallpaper or visit our Instagram Stories [@whimhospitality] to screenshot and save. 

Click Here to download "Girl Boss" phone wallpaper

Click Here to download "Crown" phone wallpaper

Click Here to download "Joy" phone wallpaper

As always, we would love to hear what other free downloadable content you would like to see in the future! Enjoy! 

Kim’s Faves- Katie Kime

Welcome to the “Kim’s Faves” series, where Whim Hospitality CEO Kim Hanks will chat about some of her favorite things including brands, business owners, and the best of local and international products. We are relaunching the series with a highlight on lifestyle brand designer,  Katie Kime, who has become a friend of Kim and Whim Hospitality through inspiring designs, great products and fun partnered events. Most recently, we have enjoyed her expertise in table design at our Holiday Design Days event and look forward to incorporating her designs into future projects. We’ll leave it up to Kim to explain how this obsession into the Katie Kime brand began and what we can look forward to in the future.


*Photography by Mercedes Morgan 

Breakfast…….my husband adores breakfast. Our whole week could have been a hectic fog with infrequent interactions, but when I make breakfast it’s like the reset button has been hit. Breakfast is actually one of the secrets to making our quirky marriage so great. One Saturday morning, I stumbled across Lifestyle Creative Camille Styles’ Pin featuring blueberry dutchboy pancakes, and I knew I had a showstopper on my hands. The pancake rose to divine heights in my cast iron pan and it was deceivingly easy to make. Beauty+Simplicity…..I’m hooked. I had to dive deeper into what mysteries Camille Styles could unravel for me. Upon scouring her website, I stumbled across a blog about a Lifestyle brandista, Katie Kime, who so happened to have a brick and mortar in Austin. I was struck by a photo of her closet decked out in a palm leaf print with matching stools. I love color and the designers who embrace color in all things fashion. I’m also a fan of repeating patterns in fabrics and wallpaper throughout a room. I found it odd that a pancake had circuitously led me to Katie Kime designs. But, isn’t that the way we find everything on the internet these days? 

*Photo Courtesy of (Molly Culver Photography

I was amused to find the Katie Kime store located in a building Whit had just sold two years prior. The store was sandwiched between a high end hair salon I once frequented and a bridal boutique. When I walked into the store, I noticed the bold patterns that washed over her clothing line, gift wrap, pillows, and furniture alike. It reminded me of a modern version of the Old English style of repeating patterns throughout a whole room. At first I played it safe by purchasing a shift with a bee pattern, two ginger jar patterned pillows, and a woven clutch in colors matching the dress.

 Upon checkout I learned the Katie Kime team had just rolled off creating the VIP space at the Austin City Limits music festival that week. They were selling the furniture they had designed for the space. So, I purchased  the furniture, too, for the rental division of Whim Hospitality. 

Over the last year and a half I’ve frequented the store and website purchasing gifts and buying fabrics and furniture for Whim. My faves are the dipped horsehair earrings, palm frond pajamas and monogramed thank you cards. This year, we will also be featuring Katie Kime wallpaper and fabrics at our new pool and cabana at Camp Lucy Resort….plus more. Stay tuned.

-Kim Hanks 

    *Photography by Mercedes Morgan 

Katie is an emerging lifestyle brand designer of fashion, furniture, and accessories. In 2006, Katie was a senior at Duke University when she hosted her first trunk show of reclaimed furniture, frames made out of vintage books, and a custom note set. After graduation, she quickly found her way into designing and manufacturing many different lines of fashion and furnishings. Her style is “preppy chic goes glob trotting”, “Southern sensibility with global influences”, and “Bohemian bourgeois”.

Stay tuned for the next in Kim’s Faves as she dishes more about the brands and products that make up her fun and chic style. 

We Are Whim- Rentals Warehouse

We are continuing our “We Are Whim” series with a look at the muscles of our operation that really make the magic happen, our rentals warehouse team. By now you probably have experienced the beauty of a perfectly executed Whim event, but what most don’t get a chance to see it the behind the scenes work that makes it all happen. Our rentals department is composed of many intricate pieces and players that work together to ensure a seamless event for every client. By implementing the best in training, technology, and service, we have been able to grow at an exponential rate while maintaining the “Whim Worthy” quality our clients have grown to expect.


 We want to give you a peek behind the curtain, by sharing 

5 things you might not know about our warehouse and rental division. 


1) We're Growing Like Crazy

Looks can be deceiving, and from the outside you would never believe the buzzing operation that is always in full-swing at our Dripping Springs warehouse. We have recently added 8,000 square feet to our space to allow for more efficient loading docks and more storage for our continuously growing inventory. In true Whim Style, we have wasted no time filling up the space with exciting new products and equipment. 

2) We Know Cleaning

In busy season, we can wash up to 3,000 pounds of linens every month, making us the largest free-standing launder in the area! We have recently purchased yet another washer to accommodate our high volume of linen rentals. The cleaning needs certainly don’t end with linens, with 35,000- 45,000 pieces of washware going out each week, it is no surprise we have a whole department dedicated to really making those dishes sparkle. 

3) Linens, Tables, Chairs, Oh My! 

There are many things that differentiate us from other rental companies, one of which being our extensive inventory of unique and high-quality products. We are the exclusive provider in the area for many highly desired products such as the Chameleon Chair and Sperry Tents. We take pride in the condition of our inventory, from routine quality checks to additional protection during storing and transportation, we never cut corners when it comes to ensuring that we are consistently delivering the best. 

4) We’re Always On The Move! 

Our iconic purple trucks and vans are a staple of our company and cruising through town regularly. The first purple truck hit the scene in 2013 and we have been consistently adding new vehicles ever since. We currently have 10 trucks in our fleet including our newest member, this 24’ beauty and multiple others on the way that will be out for deliveries later this Spring! We will deliver near or far and love getting to spread the #WhimJoy out on the roads. 

5)WE are Whim

Despite our vast array of products and offerings, it is our people who truly make Whim Hospitality the successful company that it is. Beginning with recruiting and training, our rentals department has implemented an innovative training program to continually educate our employees on the skills and level of service that we expect every day. From greeting you with a smiling face or going the extra mile to accommodate special requests, we pride ourselves on executing a higher level of service at each and every step of your Whim experience.

 Thank you for joining us, get your appetite ready as we cook up some fun and highlight the tasty side of Whim, our catering department next month. 

National Pi Day- Coconut Crème Pie Cocktail

National Pi Day Cocktail

Just Imagine, the sky is painted with golds, reds, and blues, with a whisper of stars starting to peek out of the slowly progressing darkness. You are watching in awe of the beauty before you and are enjoying another amaz….”SHATTER”, with having another amaz….”SCREAMING”, WITH HAVING ANOTHER AMAZ….”CRASH”! You snap back to reality, and realize it is that magically horrendous hour between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. where your children have turned into Gremlins. Oh no, not those cute, cuddly, sweet little gremlins from the beginning of the movie. No, they are the epitome of those savage gremlins that that ill-informed boy fed after midnight. There is an all-out WWE cage match happening in your meticulously decorated living room. The house you spent all day cleaning, now looks like it was used for a "Friday Night Lights" high school football practice (you know, because #TEXAS).

All you want to do is finish this dinner that came, at least partially, from a box, feed the heathens ransacking your house, put them to bed (who cares if they bathe at this point), and have a drink. Two unbelievably grueling hours later it is done, they are passed out and looking completely, misleadingly innocent. You totally rocked it! Time to treat yourself with a little sugar and a splash of carbs. 

Coconut Crème Pie Cocktail

1.5 ounce Rumchata

1.5 ounce Malibu Rum

2.5 Half and Half

Garnish – Toasted Coconut Rim

Oh, Rumchata, that sweet little conundrum that you have probably had a hundred times on those, not so far in the past, tropical vacations. It is a mix of Rum, crème, and Horchata – which is basically a fancy way of saying a combination of grains, nuts, and spices with a few other types of yummy goodness thrown in. This is a dessert cocktail that will remind you of sitting on the beach and watching beautiful blue waves roll over gorgeous white sand. Which we know you could use right about now. 

Pi Day Cocktail Recipes

 First, go grab that martini glass that is hiding in the cupboard just screaming for an occasion to be used. You are going to be rimming the glass with a heavier substance so you will need to grab something with a thick consistency like honey, or in this case I used organic blue agave syrup. The thicker the liquid we use to attach the toasted coconut rim to the glass the better. To make it easier to coat the rim of your glass pour half a cup of toasted coconut flakes onto a small plate and three or so ounces of the agave onto a small rimmed plate such as a saucer. Take your martini glass and lightly roll the outer rim in the liquid and then repeat that action with the toasted coconut. Remember, don’t over use the agave as it will drip causing the coconut to fall down faster than me trying to walk in five-inch heels. 

Second, grab a vessel to mix all the ingredients into. Mix the Rumchata, Malibu, and half and half into the glass along with 1 cup of ice.

  National Pie Day Whim Coconut Cocktail

Then, take a spoon and simply stir the liquid until it is nice and blended. For added points you can sing “ if you like Piná Coladas/ and getting caught in the rain” while stirring. Ok, you caught me, not the same drink I just really like that song. Now, take your stirring spoon and use it to strain the liquid into your martini glass. It helps if you pretend the ice pieces are “Night Walkers”, the glass is the “Wall”, and your spoon is Jon Snow. Don’t play with me, I know you watch that show.

Whim Hospitality Cocktail Recipes

Thirdly, you take that cocktail, sit on your couch (yes, in the midst of the damage your beautiful fire tornado blessings left for you to clean up), close your eyes, and enjoy this little slice of decadence. Don’t forget to check back with us next month for a new cocktail recipe. Until then, enjoy National Pi(e) Day, because diets were meant to be broken and I know I will be breaking mine.

Walking with Whit: Vietnamese Building Purchases

After many years of travel and adventures in the antiques business, Whim Co-Founder, Whit Hanks, is no stranger to a good find and a good story. In this series, “Walking with Whit”, we aim to share the anecdotes that have brought Whim and Camp Lucy to life. Kim and Whit love to travel to places they have never been, often gathering inspiration and goods to enhance the company’s offerings. We are always eager to see what ideas, surprises, and stories will come back with them. It only takes a short time with Whit to understand his passion for unique finds and history, which have now both been integrated into our company in many ways. His tales of the roads that have lead him to success and all around the world are captivating. With that being said, we will leave the story telling to the expert. Take it away, Whit!

It turns out it’s hard for entrepreneurs to separate their personal lives from their business lives. In fact, we don’t really try to do so. Why work some of the time, when you can play all the time at work, right?

So, when we planned our trip for late January to Hanoi, Vietnam, we had a sneaky suspicion that it might turn into a little bit of business on the side. Certainly, there was no reason to make a business trip out of it, because we had the best reason ever to make it personal—my son, Roger, his wife, Erica, and our new (first!) grandbaby live in Hanoi so a family trip was very much on the schedule and the rewards were reaped as promised. Not only did Roger and Erica show us their exciting life in Vietnam, but we also traveled with them and grandbaby Vance to see a remote region of the country, northwest of Hanoi, called SAPA. Few Americans venture off the beaten path this far—in fact, we never met an American during our trip, Some adventuresome Europeans do make the trek now that a highway has been built to connect Hanoi to this remote region of the country that is similar to an Asian version of Peru. The scenery is amazing, as is the food. The locals dress in colorful clothing similar to Incas.

The day after we arrived in Vietnam and before we fully recovered from jetlag, we decided to go on a trip to a village south of Hanoi about 100 kilometers near Binh Dinh. That’s a region of Vietnam where many Catholics converted from Buddhism during the French Colonial era. In fact every small village has a soaring Catholic Church in it that looks just like ones in French, Spain or many countries in South America.

It turns out that these churches were built much as a Chinese-inspired Buddhist temple on the interior—with turned granite plinths, solid ironwood timbers, and fired clay tile roofs. What I didn’t know until recently is that most villages in the 19th century also had a town hall built in much the same style but a little grander and designed to accommodate the entire village.

We have made quite a few trips to Vietnam over the years, and we were very fortunate to find a loyal, honest, hardworking agent there on the very first trip. So, after these many years, we located our agent, Hung, who is now married and has a daughter, for our trip South. We had purchased a town hall in Vietnam several years ago that we are currently incorporating into a fancy pool/cabana/restaurant facility at Camp Lucy in Dripping Springs. And as they say in real estate, you are only as good as your next deal, so we were in search of our next Holy Grail discovery on this day trip.

Mr. Kiem is the real entrepreneur in this story. He is a Catholic Vietnamese who serves as an agent for selling buildings that need to come down for one reason or another and are looking for a foreign buyer. He mobilizes the local townspeople to meticulously label the structure, tear it down, and then transport it to his holding area. They then carefully reassemble it, repairing everything that has fallen into disrepair during the past hundred or so years. This process can take as long as a year, he told us. Then he waits. And waits. Finally, the foreign buyer appears, as we did, and a deal is struck. 


Now we are brainstorming what the best use for this structure and several other smaller ones will be. The current deal we are considering is this town hall and four small houses from the same era. We are thinking a spa (we know nothing about how to run a spa, but someone does, we are sure!). The Asian design of this structure, covered on folk art carvings, is bewitching. Let’s see what comes next.

Whim All In The Family Paella!

Whim All In The Family Paella!

The Edible Austin March/April Issue is hot off the press, and we are honored that Kim and Whit have been featured in the "COOKS at home section." After much consideration, they chose to cook a dish that embodies tradition, family, and the joy of togetherness.

Kim and Whit discovered paella while taking Chef Rob on a culinary exploration trip through Spain and were immediately captivated by the dish’s rich history and extraordinary taste! Paella is a centuries-old tradition and has been dubbed the Valencian region’s national dish. Referred to as one of the most sociable of all culinary occasions, the whole process of cooking paella is about community and coming together in the name of delicious food. Since bringing people together is at the heart of what we do, it is no surprise Kim and Whit have really taken to this tradition, and with a little bit of expert guidance and a whole lot of practice, have become quite the paella making professionals.

You can read the whole story with detailed, step-by-step instructions and get exclusive access to the family recipe, here! 

We are so excited to show you some behind the scenes photos from the feature, as we spent an afternoon cooking, laughing, and enjoying this delicious tradition.

Naturally, we set the tone for the day by designing a dinner party ready backyard with some of our favorite bright and festive Whim rentals and florals. 

Then it was time to get cooking! We began by seasoning the pan and browning/ searing the various meats.  

The next crucial step is to toast the rice and then bring to boil with the broth and saffron mixture. As a paella aficionado taught us, it should have the consistency that “feels like pebbles under the water.”

   Now we reduce the heat, it’s time to make this thing beautiful! Bring on the art of designing the perfect paella.

Next we cover with foil and wait! This is part of the paella fun, enjoying each other’s company, and snacking on some delicious Whim hors d’oeuvres while we wait for the big reveal!

FINALLY, IT’S TIME FOR THE REVEAL! Get ready to debut your beautiful creation! After you take in the “oohs” and “ahhs”, cover with a towel to absorb any excess steam.

In spirit of this Spanish celebration, we have created an interactive cooking experience in hopes that we can share this tradition with you! We would love for you to be our guest at the next event in the Camp Lucy Dinner Series, Paella!

Join us for a night of traditional paella cooking, starring 3 Austin area guest Chefs (Chef Rob McMahon of Whim Hospitality, Eric Paz of La Bodega, and Mauricio MacGregor- local Paella aficionado). In addition, enjoy authentic tapas, live Flamenco music, a deluxe carving station, artesian breads and cheeses, and, of course, complimentary sangria. 

Ready to join in on the fun? Purchase tickets HERE! 

We Are Whim- Florals!

We Are Whim- Florals!

We are kicking off our We Are Whim series this week with a peek behind the petals into our Floral Department!

While Whim Florals may be fairly new to the Austin florist scene, our team is certainly not green when it comes to creating a memorable event. With over 25 years of combined experience, our expert designers mean business as they stay ahead of the trends to deliver cutting edge creations along side classic favorites.While you may have had the opportunity to see our work in action, we are excited to give you a deeper look into the fun and passion that make up this blooming part of our business.

8 things that help to make Whim Hospitality the best wedding and event florist in Austin!   

1) We want to know you before we ever actually meet you!

The magic really begins before you ever step foot into the showroom. Before a consultation, our designers focus on really getting to know their new client. We will exchange Pinterest boards, inspiration photos, mood boards, and color palettes- all in an effort to figure out what your floral dreams are made of.

2) Whim Florals, it’s a match!

After our team distinguishes your style and event needs, you are matched with a specific designer who compliments you! Throughout the process they will take special steps in effort to “think like you”, like creating your bouquet in front of a mirror to make sure the look, feel, and placement is perfect on your big day. They will be your go-to for the rest of the process. Floral besties, check!

3) Fresh flowers first!

After seeing Kim and Whit’s adventurous travels, it should come as no surprise that we have been able to establish direct-from-grower relationships across the globe. This means locally or internationally we are able to source the best quality and freshest products available. 

Al Gawlik Photography

4) We are not one size fits all!

If you are looking for a “pick a package” experience you won’t find it here. Although we aim to make your experience as seamless as possible, you are very much a part of the entire process. Beginning with your first consultation we will dream, create and play, together! From traditional bouquets to living art installations, we create as big as you can dream! Amy Herfurth Photography

5) We have the latest and greatest!

Our workshop is equipped with the most innovative and efficient equipment. From our industrial sized cooler to our flower food ceiling hoses, we have the tools to take on any and every caliber project. 

7) We’re more than just flowers!

While we love a great floral centerpiece, our department has a huge inventory of lanterns, succulents, terrariums, candle holders, assorted votives, vases and much more to complete your dream table top look.


8) We love to spread the #WhimJoy!

From teaching classes at the local high school to hosting hands-on design workshops, we love to teach and help others create! We love what we do, and can’t help but share that joy. Can you blame us? 

Al Gawlik PhotographyAl Gawlik Photography

From your engagement photo shoot bouquet to the final petal toss, we are honored that you entrust us with your floral needs. Stay tuned as our We Are Whim series continues next month and we dive into the muscles of our company, event rentals! 

(Photo Credit:  Al Gawlik PhotographyAmy Herfurth PhotographyStudio Uma Photography)

National Margarita Day- Pomegranate Margarita

Pomegranate Margarita 

Ah, Margaritas!  Let’s admit it; the margarita is the quintessential “Hey, Girl, Hey! Drinks after work?” go to. The drink that has fueled many a karaoke duet featuring one of the big three – Madonna, Journey, or if we are being real, which I like to think we are, Sir Mix-A-Lot.

“National Margarita Day” is quickly approaching and to celebrate such a momentous occasion, here is a deliciously simple Margarita recipe to get you into that celebratory mood!

Pomegranate Margarita Recipe:

1.5 ounces 100% Agave Tequila

.5 ounces Cointreau

3 ounces Pomegranate Juice

Garnish with a Salt Rim and a lime twist

For this margarita I am salting the rim, but if you are feeling fancy and want to put Pinterest to shame, feel free to get creative. There is edible glitter, colored sugars, chocolate shavings, the options are endless. Whatever you choose, remember these two tips when rimming a glass:

1. The ingredient you choose has to have a low moisture content. Products with high moisture content have a tendency to clump together and may not stick to the glass. Just like with Mascara, clumping is not a good look.

2. If what you are using is a little denser/heavier (i.e. Coconut Flakes), use a thicker liquid to act as an adhesive. Karo syrup is a good alternative. *Side note on Karo syrup – my mother used to use it to stick bows to my head when I was a bald baby so you know this stuff is versatile. (Where is that emoji with the girl shaking her head because I so need it here?)

Coat the edge of the glass with the liquid, slowly roll it through your rim ingredients and then set aside.

The base of the margarita is, obviously, the nectar of the gods – Tequila. Tequila is pretty interesting in itself. Tequila is a lot like Champagne in the sense that to be considered 100% Blue Agave Tequila it needs to be made within the Tequila region of Mexico. There is also a variation of Tequila or “Tequila Mixto” that can be produced anywhere in the world and contains additional ingredients like sugars, extracts, etc. Each type of Tequila has subsets so whether you go with a Reposado, Blanco, Anejo (or you just drink it for the worm at the bottom) there are many ways to make an impressive margarita without feeling like you are taking on a second job.

To start, begin mixing your ingredients. I use a mixing tin, but if you don’t have one, I know you have a large glass lying around somewhere that will work just fine. Whether that glass is gorgeous crystal or a red solo cup (Yeah, I am talking to you, Toby Keith) is completely up to you. Put about a half of cup of ice in the cup and pour in your Tequila, Pomegranate Juice, and Cointreau. What is Cointreau you may ask? Well, quite frankly, when making more tart/acidic drinks, it is the JAM. It has a soft orange flavor that really rounds out a margarita.

If you are using a tin, this is your Tom Cruise Cocktail moment. Shake it! Shake it like you are a 13-year-old and a Taylor Swift song just came on. If you are not using a tin, just get a spoon and stir the contents for about 30 seconds. You are almost there! Remember that rimmed glass? Fill the rimmed glass with ice and then pour in the drink using a strainer.

This is how I like mine, but you can make yours tarter by adding lime juice, sweeter by adding orange juice or spicier by adding Tabasco.

Tune-in next month for another installment of The STIR and, until then, experiment with some of your favorite flavors and enjoy National Margarita Day, you know we will! 

(Photos by: Kimberly Davis) (Styling by: Darcy Folsom)

We Are Whim Hospitality

We Are Whim Hospitality

Whim Hospitality Core Values

Every Whim Hospitality event we Bring People Together.  That's why we want you to get to know us a little better.  Each Wednesday we'll showcase one of our core values, let you meet our team (did you know we have over 150 #Whimmers) and see behind the scenes of each of our departments. 

We're starting off today with the sign that hangs in each and every Whimmer's office:  our Core Values.     

Pretty Cool, Right? 

We're proud of the many accolades Whim Hospitality has won over the past few years, like our Top Workplaces 2017 awarded by the Austin American Statesman, that are a testament to these six core values.   Next week we'll showcase the Passion we have when helping you or your event planner with your wedding, bar mitzvah, gala, social or corporate events.

Classic Camp Lucy Real Wedding

Classic Camp Lucy Real Wedding

The Real Wedding Details

You may have seen Jerika & Harry's wedding featured in Style Me Pretty & Bride's of Austin?  You can't blame us for wanting to show it off to you here too. It's just that fabulous. Held at the Whim Hospitality managed venue of Camp Lucy this destination wedding is everything we love about a classic southern wedding. Pull up your chair, grab your iced tea and scroll through all the pretty.  Bring along your tissues.  You'll need them when you read about how Bride Jerrika included her recently deceased father in her wedding nuptials.  

From the Bride, Jerika... Harry and I met at Texas Tech University through a mutual friend. Although I had already heard of him, we did not get the chance to really get to know each other until my senior year of school. After we met officially, we hit it off! He had this genuine and confident demeanor that I was so intrigued by from the start. After school, Harry and I both ended up in Fort Worth, Texas (my hometown) and knew that it was the place we were going to start our family. After four years of dating, Harry surprised me and said we were going to dinner with friends, however, we ended up in my parents' backyard with a very romantic setting of glowing candles and white rose petals, and he proposed! It was perfect for us, and the best part was that he had both of our families and close friends there at my parents' home ready to celebrate with us! There was champagne, toasts, dinner, dessert, and we had quite the night to remember.

When it came to planning our wedding, we knew we wanted something intimate and elegant yet still upscale. We also knew we wanted it to feel very personal to who we are as a couple and to incorporate unexpected details that were true to us. One of the most important things to us was our guests' experience; we wanted to create a beautiful day not only for us but also for our family and friends.

As a designer for a homebuilder, I spend much of my time on the details of beautiful spaces, so when it came to the planning process of our wedding, I really had my hand in every aspect and detail involved. With the help of my wedding planner, Ellen Westcott, and a whole list of amazing vendors, it truly became better than I could have imagined! It also could not have been possible without the help of my amazing mother, who helped me with every decision and was there with me through the whole journey. She is the absolute best person and partner in crime!

There were many things that helped make for a very special event, including great food, bar, entertainment, and company. However, the details of the day really made it so special, including the welcome baskets that welcomed our guests to Camp Lucy, the urns at the ceremony that were from my mother, the acrylic table numbers at dinner that matched our custom crest, and the tulips placed at each plate at the head table. Plus all of the paper goods (which were so fun to design and had such a romantic feel!), including our custom watercolor crest which became the signature design of the day, our invitations with floral liners, and my FAVORITE – a watercolor on the napkins of our dog, Piper!

My bridesmaids and I started out the morning sipping on mimosas and hot tea in Camp Lucy’s’ Bridal Suite. It was such a relaxing morning leading up to the ceremony. We had stayed in the extremely elegant cabins on site at Camp Lucy since that Wednesday night leading up to the wedding, so it made that morning so much more anticipated. By the afternoon, I got changed into my dress. The gown was originally strapless, and we had a custom topper sewn onto the dress created by Nardos Design. It was everything I wanted – simple and classic yet with a feminine, couture look!

Later that evening, the ceremony started. The natural surroundings of the ceremony space of Sacred Oaks speak for themselves. It was like a fairy tale with the teak slatted chairs for the guests, the string quartet playing in the background, and the willowing branches with white delphinium florals hanging above us. Ceremony then flowed into cocktail hour on the terrace and lawn behind the pavilion of Sacred Oaks for guests to enjoy champagne, wine, the signature gin cocktail (which we named after our dog, Piper), and delicious hors-d'oeuvres including petite black pepper biscuits with country ham and caramelized pear mustard, bacon wrapped quail breast drizzled with habanero nectar, and lump crab cakes with tarragon caper-aioli. The terrace and lawn felt like the perfect mix of elegant and natural with the green cypress and pops of pink floral in the vines hanging from the pavilion. It felt like a private Italian villa. Guests were then led to dinner under the Sperry tent to the right of the lawn. After sunset, feasting on southern comfort cuisine, and sipping wine, everyone headed into the large pavilion where we danced and celebrated into the night!

There were so many memorable moments from the wedding, but I would have to say the moment that I keep going back to is our candlelit dinner under the Sperry tent on the lawn. I wanted everyone to feel loved on and comfortable as if they were coming to our home for a lovely celebration. It was right after our ceremony, and not only was it absolutely STUNNING in the tent, but hearing the toasts and seeing all of the joy and laughter from our friends and family meant the world to both Harry and me. That was the moment I was looking most forward to, and that is the moment I will never forget! The night was such a perfect mixture of intimate and elegant.

It had been quite a journey for us during the planning process. Three months before the wedding, my dad passed away from a long fought battle with Leukemia. All of the details of planning this wedding melted away. My main focus became my family and the relationships with the people I love most. Everything gets put into perspective. Our family has always been extremely close, so my big brother walked me down the aisle. Something that was very special to me was the boutonniere my dad was supposed to wear. We had already ordered it, and I wanted to use it in a special way. So in the ceremony right next to the aisle, we had a table with a picture of my dad and me, a candle, and my dad’s Bible with the boutonniere he was to wear placed on top of the Bible. Although I knew my dad was already going to be with me on the day of, having those pieces there made me feel so comforted during the whole ceremony. I knew I wanted to do something for him in a special way, and this was perfect for me! I felt such a joy on the day of. It was truly unlike anything I can explain, the amount of pure joy and calmness I felt the entire day. I knew he was with me. My faith in the Lord got me through those three months, the day of, and ultimately every day since then.

One thing I learned during the whole planning process was the power of being present amidst the chaos, such as making an effort to be present at my bridal showers, my bachelorette party, and other events. I was reminded that people are the most important part of any season! For a future bride, be present with your loved ones not only on the months and days leading up to your wedding but also on the day of. Be present with your family, your best friends, and most importantly, your groom!

Thanks go to Westcott Weddings & Jenna McElroy for the coordination and images.  A full list of the creative partners we were lucky enough to work with can be found here

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