Kim’s Faves

Hometown Inspiration

June 27, 2018
Hometown Inspiration

For many people, success is shaped through a complex course of events, influences, and opportunities. Some choices are strategic and some seem to be a result of pure luck, but each equally impactful and important to the end result. For Kim, hometowns, culture and the power of time itself have played a huge role in her journey to success. From foreign cultures to pop stars, Kim has found inspiration in everything around her, always remembering…

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Gift Picks

May 15, 2018
Gift Picks

Spring is a time for celebration! With graduations, weddings, birthdays, showers, etc. we have a lot of milestones to acknowledge and with that comes a lot of gifts to give! Not all of us are naturally great gift givers, so in this month’s edition of “Kim’s Faves” we are taking some tips from the one who has become the unofficial “best gift giver” at Whim Hospitality, our CEO, Kim Hanks. Join us as she highlights…

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Katie Kime

March 26, 2018
Katie Kime

Welcome to the “Kim’s Faves” series, where Whim Hospitality CEO Kim Hanks will chat about some of her favorite things including brands, business owners, and the best of local and international products. We are relaunching the series with a highlight on lifestyle brand designer, Katie Kime, who has become a friend of Kim and Whim Hospitality through inspiring designs, great products and fun partnered events. Most recently, we have enjoyed her expertise in table design…

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COVID-19 Austin Emergency Management Solutions

In this trying time for our communities, Whim Hospitality is committed to providing safe and immediate emergency management solutions including tenting, emergency shelters, catering services and more.